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Bright, serene, soft and powerful planner for lovely female entrepreneurs!

If you are looking for the perfect tool for bringing balance into your daily business and having guidance on creating it into reality, you have it here.

This serene and beautiful planner has everything you could want to feel inspired while being able to create your dream business, stay balanced, and have time for other areas of your life too.

A full year planner bundle to inspire and guide you every day.

Your brilliant year begins right here...



Yearly Planner


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Your Yearly CEO Success Plannerin avulla.

30 sivua.

14,44 €



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Yearly & Quarterly Planner -paketti


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Your Yearly CEO Success Plannerin avulla, 30 sivua,


Your Quarterly CEO Success Plannerin avulla, 101 sivua.

28,88 €


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Your Yearly CEO Success Planner includes:

  • Beautiful soft pink and gold layout
  • 30 pages undated
  • Covers one year
  • Your big picture CEO plan
  • Your yearly CEO success plan
  • To do sketching
  • Quarterly planning view
  • Monthly planning pages
  • Notes pages
  • Inspirational pages


Your Quarterly CEO Success Planner includes:

  • Beautiful soft pink and gold layout
  • 101 pages undated
  • Covers one quarter
  • CEO Steps guidance pages
  • Quarterly planning pages
  • Monthly planning view
  • Weekly planning pages
  • Monthly CEO Celebration Review
  • Quarterly CEO Celebration Review
  • Monthly to do list pages
  • Plenty of notes pages
  • Inspirational pages


These beautiful planners are in A4 size and also printable in A5 size. They are easy to download and print when you need.

The planners are undated and you can begin creating with these today! 

Plus, I’ve included journaling pages and inspirational quotes throughout these to help you dream big so you can live your best inspired and balanced life every day.

I think you are going to love this planner, for yourself or as a gift for a friend!

Reach it out today for yourself and a friend so that you can balance your lives and feel inspired together. It’s also perfect for women who love inspirational planners and journaling.


You can get your planner here




About the Author


Miia Pollanen is a money coach, bestselling author, dream coach and new era lawyer.

Her passion is to empower one million women.

She lives near the North Pole in Finland and loves to paddleboard, practice yoga and during winters have picnics on snow. She sips daily potfuls of tea while writing and enjoying too much chocolate. 

She has already made hundreds of her dreams happen - and you can too!



Yearly Planner



 Quarterly Planner




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Osta oma Planner-pakettisi tästä!




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