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Jeff Walker's FREE top coaching open now!

miia pöllänen Aug 20, 2023

Hi lovely!

Today I want to share with you something little bit different.

I've gone through numerous top-notch coaching programs, courses, and books. Only a few of them have been ones that I can recommend to you.

One of them is my mentor Jeff Walker's coaching on PLF (Product Launch Formula).

Jeff is the father of the modern online business. Many of the big names in the industry are his students or students of his students.

He operates intuitively and with a big heart, not just promoting these things. He's gentle, kind, provides high-quality guidance, and operates with integrity.

I wish I had found him years ago, as I would have saved a lot of time and money!

That's why I want to bring this to your attention, so you can benefit from it.

It took me years to find him and his guidance because he's modest and doesn't make a fuss about himself.

His coaching has generated over 400 million dollars in sales. MILLIONS. His students have collectively created well over 1 billion euros.

These students come from all walks of life and business sectors - from knitting to running a farm, from therapists to artists. It will work for you too.

It's genuinely the best coaching in the industry.

And the second best coaching is the one he provides FOR FREE. It contains a lot of valuable and clear information. You can easily participate in it as well.

It's called the Launch Masterclass. It has already had over a million participants. However, it's only available once a year.

You'll get to see how a young woman crafting yarns by hand, a visual artist painting hearts, a natural cosmetics teacher, a herb cultivation guide, and a historical costume seamstress have achieved their great successes.

You'll also find therapists, writers, doctors, graphic designers, farmers, teachers, musicians - basically everything under the sun. Regardless of your field, you'll find valuable guidance for free here.

You can also watch the coaching as replays during the period when the doors are open for a little over a week.

Even if you only explore a small part of the coaching, it's well worth it! Even if your English isn't perfect, Jeff helps you understand while drawing at the same time.

This 100% free coaching is held only once a year - naturally. This year, Jeff is opening his doors already in the summer!

The coaching is entirely online.


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Rakkaudella, Miia